Anheuser-Busch InBev Compliance

Yes! BudNet, EC Manager, Mobility, RoadNet

Encompass began serving Anheuser-Busch distributors in 2012. Since then, over 30 AB Distributors have chosen to work with us. We are proud to be the fastest growing route accounting software provider in the AB Network and we can assure wholesalers that our solutions will be able to connect with the platform A-B is building for the future with reliable service. Encompass is ABI-aligned with fully-supported interfaces to BudNet, EC Manager, Mobility, RoadNet, and meets all requirements related to ALLConnect.

AB ISV Requirements



Capable of meeting the demands of today’s business as well as the continued expansion for future needs


Able to perform basic and key business transactions needed by the wholesaler

BudNet, EC Manager, PDCN’s


Provides all the information to mobility and the ALLConnect platform requirements


Financial viability and security controls

Encompass Technologies AB InBev Compliant

SSAE-16/Type II Compliant

Encompass has done a very good job at staying at the forefront and cutting edge of what AB distributors need…They help us maintain margins and grow the business.

-Chris Koch, Strategic Planning & Project Manager at Clare Rose Inc.

Clare Rose Inc.

When I was first looking for a [software provider], all of them seemed like they were lacking…[but] Encompass always all-around seemed like the way to go and that has been proven to be true.

-Jeremy Ness, Network Administrator at Eagle Sales of the Black Hills Inc.

Eagle Sales of the Black Hills, Inc.