Encompass Technologies Automation Conveyor System

Warehouse Automation For Any Size Operation

Increase Accuracy, Reduce Shift Times, & Easily Scale With Increasing Your SKU’s



Pick faster than ever with Encompass Pick-to-Light. A display screen shows the number of cases needed per product. Pick, press the button and you’re done.


Pick Compression

Pick several orders at once and larger quantities with every pick. Automated dispersing gets every order to the right pallet.

Encompass Warehouse Control System With Pick-To-Light

The Encompass Warehouse Control System (WCS) manages the flow of traffic related to order fulfillment while directing conveyor systems in real time to provide visibility, load balancing and optimization of events.


Vision System

Pick in any order per wave. Triple-camera system recognizes products as they move down the conveyor.


Warehouse Control

Build complete pallets with ease. Cases divert to appropriate warehouse lanes, and a receipt is automatically printed.

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