Warehouse Automation For Any Size Operation

Increase Accuracy, Reduce Shift Times, & Easily Scale With Your Increasing SKU’s

Decrease Travel Time

Use Pick-to-Light to increase pick compression.

Decrease Overtime

A single vision box system with voice-pick would have a capability of 4,000 cases per hour or 32,000 cases per 8 hour shift.

Increase Pick Rate

From one stop at a product’s location, the picker can pick many orders.

Increase Pick Accuracy

Capture images of products.

Encompass Warehouse Control System With Pick-To-Light


The Encompass Warehouse Control System (WCS) manages the flow of traffic related to order fulfillment while directing conveyor systems in real time to provide visibility, load balancing and optimization of events.

Encompass Conveyor


Take a step by step look at the Encompass Conveyor System highlighting areas like Pick-to-Light, Zone Controllers, Roller Speed, Vertical Sorter, Dual Vision Box, Swing Wheel Diverters and Power Downstack Lanes.



Increase accuracy and productivity while minimizing training time with paperless picking technology.


Pick Compression

Reduce the overall steps per case by picking larger quantities every time the picker stops.


Warehouse Control

Sort and divert cases to appropriate warehouse lanes for down-stacking.


Vision System

Pick in any order per wave. Recognize products by barcode as they move down the conveyor.

Vision QA


  • Live Sortation Update
  • Manage Exception Products
  • Automation System Integration
  • Right Label on the Right Case
  • Automatic Sortation
  • Image Documentation

Improve Warehouse Accuracy and Reduce Labor Costs

Vision QA is designed to eliminate mis-picks, verify the product in single bottle pick cases, verify shipping labels automatically, and verify product to truck lanes. The system is adaptable to an existing conveyor system. Every carton’s top and side image is recorded and attached to the invoice.


Label Reconciliation

Vision QA uses barcode scanning, pattern recognition, and image capture to make sure the right label is on the product. When a discrepancy is found, the case is recirculated back into stock. Invoices can be edited in real-time, and products can be backordered to make sure the delivery truck’s inventory is accurate.

Take a Virtual Warehouse Tour

Experience the entire system in virtual reality and view a step-by-step of how Warehouse Automation works. If you have a Google Cardboard Device, you can use it with this video.

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