Business Intelligence

Improve and optimize the performance of your business with detailed reports and accurate information.

Get What You Need

Accurate orders based on days of inventory, sell sheets; view order history and AR.

Stay on Schedule

Drive store-level objectives with market analysis, surveys, tasks, photos, and videos.

Pricing and Promotions

Manage complex pricing scenarios, mix-match, BOGO, quantity discounts, and allocations.

Fast and Easy Reporting

Take advantage of ad-hoc reporting with real-time results and drill down capabilities for easy data exploration.

Dashboard Integration

Display a collection of reports to see the full picture and see pointed results by using dashboard filters to trim report data down to a single customer, product, user, and more.

Permission Based Reports

Automatically filter for users so they can only see data based on their location, customers, and permissions with prebuilt system reports.

Prebuilt to Fully Custom Reports

Use prebuilt system reports created specifically for distributor needs and allow users to address any business specific reporting needs with custom reports.

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