DSDLink for Retailers

Getting Started


  1. Download the DSDLink App – Tap to download
  2. Sign up or sign in with your email address

Find & Order Products from All of Your Distributors


  • Explore and order new products
  • Place orders for today or for your next scheduled delivery
  • Use the past 8 weeks sales history to right-size the order for products
  • Simple shopping cart lets you preview orders and request faster delivery

Track Your Delivery


  • Review ‘New’, ‘In Progress’, or ‘Delivered’ orders
  • ‘In Progress’ displays the scheduled delivery date and order details
  • ‘Delivered’ displays the past 30 days of order history

Anytime ordering,

when it’s convenient for the retailer. Orders are transmitted via EDI and invoices are created on their expected┬ároutes.

Featured Products and Promotions

are easily visible to the retailer at login. Auto scroll through the ‘ads’.


takes the retailer directly to recently purchased products.


easy to find new products using beverage type (beer, wine, spirits, soda/energy) and filters (style, ABV, varietal, appellation).

'My Orders'

gives the retailer up-to-date order status without having to call for details.

Requested Delivery Date:

Retailers can request a delivery date and distributors can approve that request or deliver on the scheduled stop.

Pre and post delivery notices

sent via email to the retailer confirm the invoice products/pricing and delivery status.

Retailer can easily add the accounts

that he or she can order for via ‘add a shop’.

Remember Me Feature

enables retailer to easily sign up and/or reset password without a call to you.

Easy Start-Up:

Customers, products, sales history are already available in Encompass.

View invoices and invoice activity

generated by DSDLink. Go to your DSDLink Activity Dashboard. Orders can be reviewed and edited by you until your invoice cut off time.

Product details sourced from your Encompass site

and supplemented with details from the DSDLink Product Library.

Customer-Specific Pricing:

Not an estimate! The same price as an order by your salesman; including promotions and volume discounts. Updated pricing is automatically downloaded to the DSDLink App when the retailer signs in.