Streamline the Check-In Process with Paperless Invoice Reconciliation

Why Should You DEX?

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Distributors benefit from DEX by getting priority at the backdoor receiving area over other distributors that must check-in manually – which means less “waiting in line” to get checked-in. Retailers respond well to efforts that support streamlining their check-in process, which DEX does by exchanging invoice and pricing data electronically and reconciling differences on the spot. DEX helps the retailer eliminate paper invoices and the subsequent handling of these invoices by multiple parties within their organization.

The Problem

Modern devices such as iPhone, iPod and Android devices do not readily support serial interfaces. Handheld devices that do support DEX’ing via a serial interface are not cost effective at $2,000 per device!


The Solution

PFDex utilizes a DEX standard cable ending with a ¼” stereo plug. The receiver’s DEX system will have a receptacle for the ¼” plug. DEX’ing with modern devices is now not only possible, but easy.

What is DEX?

DEX is a standard used by many retailers at the backdoor receiving system. The deliveryman will physically plug-in a “DEX” cable to the grocery store’s receiving system and transmit the electronic invoice from their iPod, iPhone or Android device into the retailers system. The grocery retailer’s receiving system can then exchange information electronically if there are discrepancies in quantity or price. They then reconcile electronically and the receiver and supplier have matching invoice records.

How Does DEX Work?

You may expect the DEX data transfer to utilize WiFi or Bluetooth but the communication between the distributor and receiver is actually done through a serial interface on each system. The distributor’s DEX device will include a cable ending with a ¼” stereo plug. The receivers system will have a receptacle for the ¼” plug. It sounds antiquated, but it provides a simple, standard interface for everyone. DEX bridges the gap between legacy serial ports and modern mobile devices.

1. Connect the iPhone, iPod, or Android Device to PFDex via WiFi

2. Plug the PFDex cable into the retailer’s ¼” stereo plug receptacle

3. Transmit Invoices

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