Organize Product and Efficiently Pick

What is Pick-to-Light?

Pick-to-Light, a visual picking organization system, is composed of a web of magnetic light boxes with small numeric display screens attached to bins that illuminate and accurately display the number of cases to pick. The light boxes light up in a simple and efficient route sequence, visually indicating which cases should be picked next in the sequence.

Encompass Technologies Pick to light

Step 1

Once the complete number of cases have been picked from a bin, a picker presses the button attached to each light box, turning off the light and triggering the illumination of the next light box and bin in the sequence.

Step 2

Being magnetic, they can be easily moved around and placed at various bin locations in unlimited number. The light boxes are connected in a chain by ethernet cable and feed directly into the WCS for centralized control.

Encompass Technologies Pick-to-light Boxes
Encompass Technologies Pick-to-light With Automation Conveyor

Step 3

Pick-to-Light allows pickers to be able to pick the same product for multiple customers at the same time. It decreases the distance walked in the warehouse, decreases overall time spent picking, increases pick accuracy, and improves pick impression. The simple learning curve of Pick-to-Light decreases overall employee training time.

Why is Pick-to-Light Needed?

In the beverage industry, it is becoming more difficult to organize product and efficiently pick with the increasing number of SKU’s. Pick-to-Light creates a simple way to organize and create locations for product and allows pickers to plainly pick.

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