Vision QA

Improve Warehouse Accuracy and Reduce Labor Costs

What is Vision QA?

Vision QA is designed to eliminate mis-picks, verify the product in single bottle pick cases, verify shipping labels automatically, and verify product to truck lanes. The system is adaptable to an existing conveyor system. Vision QA is a recent addition to an existing conveyor at United Distributors, Inc in Smyrna, GA. The system also assumed sortation from the existing system, which only read barcodes. Every carton’s top and side image is recorded and attached to the invoice.

24/7 Encompass Remote Monitoring

Encompass monitors system function 24/7 with real people. Make changes after install.

Eliminate Foot Pedals

WCS will automate merges currently controlled by foot pedals. The merge can be automated with applied labels or image recognition.

Label-less Picking

Replace application of labels to cases with Pick-to-Light or Voice Pick. Image recognition identifies and sorts each case.

Automated Sortation

Replace manual or operator sortation with automatic sortation. Sortation is available for label applied applications or label-less applications.


– Control sortation –
– QA cases and send to remediation –
– Automation system integration –
– Right label on the right case –
– Automatic sortation –
– Image documentation –
– Full Encompass integration –

Control All Conveyor and Automation Equipment

Replace or upgrade old PLC logic. Logic upgrades allows flexibility of control. Change or replace function of pick lines. Smooth case flow and jams. Control everything from a single pane of glass.

Label Reconciliation

Vision QA uses barcode scanning, pattern recognition, and image capture to make sure the right label is on the product. When a discrepancy is found, the case is recirculated back into stock. Invoices can be edited in real-time, and products can be back ordered to make sure the delivery truck’s inventory is accurate.

Image Documentation

All cases are documented and attached to each invoice. During truck return, each case image is easily retrieved on the handheld. Drivers are held accountable for product that leaves the warehouse.

Installed Example

• 6 truck lanes
• 9,000 – 18,000 cases
• 3 full case pick lanes
• 2 split case pick lanes

Barcode Reading

• 230 ft./min.
• Label reading
• 5 sides barcode reading

Vision Recognition

• 2 vision cameras
• Graphic recognition
• 3,000 cases per hour
• Image documentation

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