Warehouse Control System

Cut Down on Pick Time with Visual Recognition + Conveyor Technology

What is a Warehouse Control System?

The newly developed Warehouse Control System (WCS) incorporates Pick-to-Light and visual product recognition to minimize the number of times the picker has to visit a particular location for a product. It cuts travel time, and allows multiple orders to be picked at one time without being confined to any sequence that the product is picked in. It gains efficiencies and accuracy in the warehouse while saving steps, time and the number of pickers needed.

Encompass Technologies Warehouse Control System with Pick-to-light

Step 1

A picker selects and places product on the conveyor belt. The conveyor belt transports the product to the visual recognition segment. The conveyor’s modular capabilities allow for expansion or contraction in order to fit the size of your product portfolio.

Step 2

The vision box is equipped with three readers that identify the case UPC and three cameras that record the case appearance. These components work together to correctly determine the product. Components in the vision box can be upgraded to handle higher product volume on the conveyor.

Encompass Technologies Warehouse Control System Image Box
Warehouse Control System Automation Sort Pusher

Step 3

Orders are automatically separated by a diverter machine into pallets. Because this system has few moving parts, worn or damaged parts can be easily replaced with minimal impact to operations. Core components of the conveyor such as motors or diverters can be easily swapped with the removal of four bolts.

Encompass Conveyor

Take a step by step look at the Encompass Conveyor System highlighting areas like Pick-to-Light, Zone Controllers, Roller Speed, Vertical Sorter, Dual Vision Box, Swing Wheel Diverters and Power Downstack Lanes.

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